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50 Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet

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50 Red Long Stem Rose Bouquet

When you want (or maybe need) to make a great impression, sending 50 of the freshest, most beautiful long stem Red Roses will definitely "Wow".  A bouquet of 50 roses makes a statement - and our elegant, premium eco-friendly Red Booms will let someone know they are definitely loved.  Whether it's to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, a birthday, or just because - 50 roses will definitely make your special someone smile every time they gaze upon them - and that's the point, right?  And to ensure you make a great impression, we know you only want to send the best roses - right?  We think so, too - and that's why all of our roses (ALL OF THEM) are shipped straight from our farms directly to your door - no middlemen, no sitting around in warehouses waiting for someone to purchase - none of that funny business. Nope, we don't play any games with our flowers.  We not only care about sending the absolute freshest, highest quality roses available anywhere - we also care about how they are grown and how the farmers who grow them are cared for.  That's why all of our roses come from Eco-Friendly AND Socially Responsible farms.  That means the roses you (or your special someone) receives are the most responsibly grown blooms available.  Ready to order?  We don't play any games with our pricing either - the price you see is the TOTAL price (unless the government requires us to tax your bouquet - sorry, nothing we can do about that).  We don't try to up sell you by showing you a picture of a large bouquet with a "Starting At" price (which is always for a different bouquet) and we don't wait to tell you there are shipping fees at the end of your checkout process.  NOPE!  The price you see above is the price - no games, no bait and switch, no funny business.  We believe in doing business the old fashioned way - a high quality product, priced affordably and the best customer service around.  We 100% guarantee your satisfaction.  Because all of our Rose Bouquets come straight from the farm, they Require 7 Days Advance Purchase. Free shipping is included.  


  • 50 Long Stem Red Roses
  • Stem Length Approx 18 - 22 inches
  • Personal Greeting Card
  • Handling Instructions & Plant Food
  • Vase Not Included

Ratings & Reviews

  • 5 Bryan

    Posted by Bryan on 3rd Aug 2021

    Excellent flowers and superb service, as always. These folks are the best!

  • 5 RCL

    Posted by RCL on 16th Feb 2021

    Long-time customer, always great service, always great product. Terrific support from the team....

  • 5 Mike

    Posted by Mike on 14th Jun 2019

    The roses were delivered on time. No problem at all. All the roses are very fresh. Hopefully they can last a week. ;-)

  • 5 Russ Miller

    Posted by Russ Miller on 27th May 2019

    Ordered on Friday, roses delivered on Saturday. Extremely well packaged so the roses were protected. All were perfect. Two packets of nutrient and instructions. Could not have been better. The roses are a beautiful dark red and are larger than I expected. First class in every way. Will order again.

  • 5 TW

    Posted by TW on 26th Jan 2019

    My siblings and I sent 50 roses to help celebrate our cousin's 50th wedding anniversary. I just came from the party at a restaurant--the roses were so lovely that the family brought them to decorate the tables. EVERY ROSE was perfect. They were a big hit. I'd order again in a second.

  • 5 Gilbert

    Posted by Gilbert on 24th Nov 2018

    A customer of 48Longstems for 10 years. Their Roses never fail! They always arrive well packaged with lots of care and Love ❤️ I have ordered thier 100 Roses , thier select flowers and they have always satisfied ! I believe out of those 10 years I have qusetioned thier freshness once or twice due to not blossoming and wilted to soon and 48Longstems have always sent me another fresh batch - AND without question they come through with flying colors! To say the least, the best service I’ve ever encountered with a Florist ❤️

  • 5 joe

    Posted by joe on 27th Aug 2018

    Absolutely gorgeous. Even before opening fully they were bigger than most roses. Don't hesitate to buy.

  • 5 JJpeds

    Posted by JJpeds on 10th Aug 2017

    I ordered 50 roses for our 50th anniversary and needed them to arrive on a Saturday. When they arrived, I was disappointed; there appeared to be only two bunches of a dozen flowers. (24 roses for a 50th wasn't going to work.) There was no way could reach 49 Long Stems over the weekend to register my disappointment. I called AMEX to dispute the charge, and figured I have to purchase the missing stems locally. Shortly afterwards, I received a call from the company asking me if I actually counted the flowers. I though I had, but was instructed to unwrap the bunches. Unknown to me, the stems were double wrapped, with slightly shorter stems with flowers hidden below the ones I could see from above. Mea culpa, The count was correct, there were 50 flowers. Problem solved; I felt a little stupid and relieved at the same time. The roses were beautiful and the recipient thrilled.

    PS - Sorry for the confusion - 48LongStems

  • 5 James krepps

    Posted by James krepps on 9th Sep 2016

    My rose I sent I was told they were beautiful and fragrant thank u