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50 Orange Long Stem Rose Bouquets

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50 Orange Long Stem Rose Bouquet - Requires 7 Days Advance Purchase

When you want (or maybe need) to "Wow", sending 50 of the freshest, most beautiful long stem Orange Roses will definitely do the trick.  A bouquet of 50 roses makes a statement - and our vibrant, eco-friendly Orange Blooms will let someone know they are definitely special.  Whether it's to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, Congratulations, Thanksgiving, or just because - 50 roses will definitely make your special someone smile every time they gaze upon them - and that's the point, right?  And to ensure you make a great impression, we know you only want to send the best roses - right?  We think so, too - and that's why all of our roses (ALL OF THEM) are shipped straight from our farms directly to your door - no middlemen, no sitting around in warehouses waiting for someone to purchase - none of that funny business. Nope, we don't play any games with our flowers.  We not only care about sending the absolute freshest, highest quality roses available anywhere - we also care about how they are grown and how the farmers who grow them are cared for.  That's why all of our roses come from Eco-Friendly AND Socially Responsible farms.  That means the roses you (or your special someone) receives are the most responsibly grown blooms available.  Ready to order?  We don't play any games with our pricing either - the price you see is the TOTAL price (unless the government requires us to tax your bouquet - sorry, nothing we can do about that).  We don't try to up sell you by showing you a picture of a large bouquet with a "Starting At" price (which is always for a different bouquet) and we don't wait to tell you there are shipping fees at the end of your checkout process.  NOPE!  The price you see above is the price - no games, no bait and switch, no funny business.  We believe in doing business the old fashioned way - a high quality product, priced affordably and the best customer service around.  We 100% guarantee your satisfaction.

Because all of our Rose Bouquets come straight from the farm, they Require 7 Days Advance Purchase. Free shipping is included.  

  • 50 Long Stem Orange Roses
  • Stem Length Approx 18 - 22 inches
  • Personal Greeting Card
  • Handling Instructions & Plant Food
  • Vase Not Included

Ratings & Reviews

  • 5 TC Texas

    Posted by TC Texas on 23rd Oct 2015

    So I ordered the 50 long stem Orange roses. They arrived overnight and were perfect! Exactly what I hoped for. I ran out and bought 4 vases (couldn't decide!) and different color glass beads to put in the bottom. I chose a vase that holds all 50! I weighted it with the beads and drove down to her place with it partially filled with water to make it easier to handle. Rang door bells until somebody let me in so I could place them in front of her door! It was to be a surprise! I had some bottles of spring water to top it off! It looked perfect sitting there waiting for her! I took off. She came home late and sent me a note asking "Did you send me something?" and fell promptly asleep! (She's a piece of work but I simply am crazy about her !!) The next morning these awesome texts arrived about how gorgeous they are! She placed them all over her house! Mission accomplished! Thank You so much.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2015

    So beautiful.!! Lasted for two weeks. Opened beautifully. Ready to place my next order.

  • 5 James

    Posted by James on 12th May 2015

    Flowers came as described and very full and exploding with color and life! Highly recommend. Also, came packed and shipped on time and in perfect condition!

  • 4 Tom

    Posted by Tom on 4th Feb 2015

    Would be a 5 star, but a couple of buds were broken from stem.

    48LS -Sorry for the problem. We put a store credit in for the broken flowers for you.

  • 5 Clifford

    Posted by Clifford on 31st Dec 2013

    Great value and product every time!!

  • 5 danceart academy colorado springs

    Posted by danceart academy colorado springs on 2nd Sep 2013

    Mike and his staff are personable and go beyond to provide the most beautiful product and make our performances much smoother. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy fundraiser and a convenient option for parents.

  • 4 kaxel

    Posted by kaxel on 2nd Sep 2013

    I sent 50 peach roses for my friends birthday. She loved them. They arrived in time. This is second time I have made this purchase. Both times I was very satisfied .

  • 4 Khaiel

    Posted by Khaiel on 2nd Sep 2013

    My spouse told me that when he opened the package, the flowers were just stuffed and squished inside. They're okay now, after being taken out. I'm not sure whether or not it's due to overnight delivery, but I payed a lot for them and I'm sure it was more to have it delivered overnight. Sorry for the rush but thank you for getting it out on time. I'll make sure to order in advance.

  • 5 Mike

    Posted by Mike on 2nd Sep 2013

    She loved them, at first thought they sent the wrong roses, but as they opened up you could really see the colors in the roses. Will use this site again for sure. Thanks