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50 Yellow Long Stem Rose Bouquets

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 50 Yellow Long Stem Rose Bouquet - Requires 7 Days Advance Purchase

When you want (or maybe need) to make a great impression, sending 50 of the freshest, most beautiful long stem Yellow Roses will definitely "Wow".  A bouquet of 50 roses makes a statement - and our cheery, eco-friendly Yellow Blooms will definitely brighten someone's day.  Whether it's to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, Get Well, Congratulations, Easter, Thanksgiving, or just because - 50 roses will definitely make your special someone smile every time they gaze upon them - and that's the point, right?  And to ensure you make a great impression, we know you only want to send the best roses - right?  We think so, too - and that's why all of our roses (ALL OF THEM) are shipped straight from our farms directly to your door - no middlemen, no sitting around in warehouses waiting for someone to purchase - none of that funny business. Nope, we don't play any games with our flowers.  We not only care about sending the absolute freshest, highest quality roses available anywhere - we also care about how they are grown and how the farmers who grow them are cared for.  That's why all of our roses come from Eco-Friendly AND Socially Responsible farms.  That means the roses you (or your special someone) receives are the most responsibly grown blooms available.  Ready to order?  We don't play any games with our pricing either - the price you see is the TOTAL price (unless the government requires us to tax your bouquet - sorry, nothing we can do about that).  We don't try to up sell you by showing you a picture of a large bouquet with a "Starting At" price (which is always for a different bouquet) and we don't wait to tell you there are shipping fees at the end of your checkout process.  NOPE!  The price you see above is the price - no games, no bait and switch, no funny business.  We believe in doing business the old fashioned way - a high quality product, priced affordably and the best customer service around.  We 100% guarantee your satisfaction.


Because all of our Rose Bouquets come straight from the farm, they Require 7 Days Advance Purchase. Free shipping is included.  


  • 50 Long Stem Yellow Roses
  • Stem Length Approx 18-22 inches
  • Personal Greeting Card
  • Handling Instructions & Plant Food
  • Vase Not Included

Ratings & Reviews

  • 5 James Bond

    Posted by James Bond on 2nd Jul 2016

    I have used 48longstem roses for several years now and can't wrong using them. They always make an impression and arrive fresh and long lasting. You can't beat the price. The same quantity and quality of flowers via local florists would cost you over $200. I know I have done/used wide range of suppliers for flowers for business and personal use. (Problem most men make is no imagination and always sending red roses-send anything but red if you truly want to make an impression

  • 5 KLove

    Posted by KLove on 10th Aug 2015

    I've been buying flowers from the wrong company for so long, I forgot how gratifying it is to send someone a bouquet through a competent and friendly customer service perspective! Not to mention, they were absolutely stunning upon arrival. I ordered 50 roses for my mother's 50th birthday, and mistakenly sent 2 orders of 25 roses instead of 1 order of 50. This was a next-day order so there wasn't much time to fix MY error, but it was handled expeditiously and kindly by the service reps. An absolutely wonderful experience at a reasonable price. I've already recommended them to my husband :)
    Thank you!

  • 5 Harry Fitzgerald

    Posted by Harry Fitzgerald on 25th Dec 2014

    The flowers were great. But wasn't delivered on Dec 23, 2014 and never got to the address until Dec 24, 2014 at 6 PM. I think the company should make some type of refund.

  • 5 Kevin

    Posted by Kevin on 2nd Sep 2013

    They were beautiful

  • 4 Fred M

    Posted by Fred M on 2nd Sep 2013

    Delivered as promised

  • 5 Wayne

    Posted by Wayne on 2nd Sep 2013

    Excellent service!!! Job well done!!!!

  • 5 Terra

    Posted by Terra on 2nd Sep 2013

    The Flowers were Great!! The flowers were a fresh and bloomed right after they were opened, and lasted a long time, the only down side to the experence was the shipping, I paid 30 dollars to have them shipped as a gift and come to find out they were left on the porch by the fedex guys!! they did not even try to ring bell or anything the flowers sat out for 5hours until the box was noticed