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Bells of Ireland - Wholesale

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Bells of Ireland (Molucella) - Require 7 Days Advance Notice

Bells of Irelands' tall and elegant stature brings instant height and structure to an arrangement, but they can be easily cut to into smaller sections providing interesting texture and bright pops of color  throughout your floral arrangement. A trendy and unique green,  Bells of Ireland blend well in any type of floral design - complementing classic, traditional arrangements as well as modern, contemporary designs.  Possessing a bright, somewhat lemony green color, Bells of Ireland are a nice contrast to any color arrangement.  They are available year round, are very hardy and have a long vase life.

Our Bells of Ireland are shipped directly from the farm, making them extremely fresh!!  They are cut and shipped the same day ensuring their quality and freshness.  We are so sure you will love your greens that we provide you with a 100% guarantee of their quality. Free Shipping is included with the price.  For your Bells of Ireland to look their best, we highly recommend you follow our care instructions below.