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Best Wishes Centerpiece

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Best Wishes Floral Centerpiece - Requires 10 Days Advance Purchase

With 25 stems of the most beautiful mixture of flowers - roses, carnations, hydrangeas, mums, and luxurious greens - all hand arranged in a stylish wooden box, our Best Wishes Floral Centerpiece is simply STUNNING!  Our Best Wishes Centerpiece is guaranteed to impress, delight and wow everyone who sees it.  Perfect for every event, and every season - this centerpiece is florist designed using only the freshest, highest quality flowers from our eco friendly and socially responsible farms.

All Bouquets Requires 10 Days Advance Notice! Free shipping is included.   For best results, we recommend following our floral care instructions below.

Each Best Wishes Floral Centerpiece Contains:

  • 4 Green Eucalyptus Parvifolia
  • 4 Peach Rose 40 Cm
  • 2 Mini White Hydrangea 12 Cms 
  • 3 Green Ruscus
  • 3 Peach Spray Rose 
  • 4 Peach Minicarnation 
  • 3 Green Pittosporum
  • 2 White Spider Mums
  • Vase Included - may vary from what is shown

Centerpiece Care Instructions:

  • As soon as you receive your centerpiece, open the box and remove flowers.
  • Flowers will  arrive pre-arranged in flower foam within their decorative wooden box.  
  • Ensure foam is kept moist.  Carefully separate a few blooms and feel the green flower foam.  If it is dry, remoisten by adding water to the arrangement.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and drafts.