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The Importance in Sending Roses to Someone Who You Love.

Posted by Mike Geiger on

One of my favorite ways to show affection for the person I love is by  sending roses, and this is easier than ever now that I can order roses online. There’s really no right or wrong time to send roses, but here are a few important occasions where I make sure to send them.


For me, an anniversary isn’t complete until I’ve sent the one I love a  beautiful bouquet of roses. There’s no better way to commemorate the day we began our relationship. Even though roses aren’t an unexpected anniversary gift, there’s a good reason for that – they’re traditional and never go out of style.


Maybe my significant other just got a promotion at work, or perhaps they graduated college. Whatever the reason for the celebration is, roses are a great way to liven up the proceedings and make it feel even more special.


Everyone makes mistakes, but being able to apologize and move on is what’s important in a relationship. Now, I don’t just send roses as an apology – I still make sure to apologize genuinely for what I did. But adding roses can be a nice touch to lighten the mood.

Just Because

Even though there are plenty of times when roses are a good idea, I don’t need any specific reason to send them. In fact, I often get the best reaction when I send roses for no reason at all, just because I wanted to do something nice for the one I love. It shows that I was thinking about them, and since there’s no reason for it, that almost always means the recipient is more surprised.

Choosing the Right Roses

Now, what about how I choose the roses I send? Before, I would be at the mercy of whatever my florist had available, but since I can send roses online, I have all kinds of options.

First, I consider what message the color of these roses will send. Red roses are obviously the most romantic option, and I’ll ensure the bouquet has at least some red roses if it’s for an anniversary.
Pink roses work well to show appreciation or admiration. I love sending these when my significant other has accomplished something important.

Orange roses signify passion and energy. These are versatile roses that can work for almost any occasion, and I like to use them either alone or paired with red roses.

Although roses of one color provide a nice consistency, I’m also a fan of assorted bouquets with all kinds of colors.

I also like to get long-stem roses whenever possible. It may not seem like a big difference, but it’s more obvious when seeing the roses in person. Long-stem roses have an extraordinary elegance that make them stand out.

Roses are a cherished gesture, and I love sending them to my significant other. There’s nothing like seeing the look on their face when they notice the bouquet.

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