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Best Wedding Flower Trends of 2017

Posted by Wendy Dessier on 27th Sep 2017

Best Wedding Flower Trends Of 2017

This is the year of the bridal flowers. It is all about oversized bouquets, and lots of greenery. Brides are wearing oversized flower halos in their hair. Even brides who are carrying roses are opting for fully bloomed roses.

The Blooming Wow Factor

This year’s bride is using flowers for everything. Lovely flowers around the entry door, and huge wreaths of greenery hanging from the ceilings. Florists are doing it up big and bold.

Bridesmaids are being dressed in more casual bridesmaids dresses by Azazie Outdoor weddings are even more outlandish. Flowers help form the aisle and frame the arch.

Go Local

The trend is casual and homey and the barn wedding, backyard gazebo wedding, and wedding at the local church are popular. Brides are more aware of the support their business gives the community and they are going local, especially when it comes to flowers.

Today’s bride is more aware of the carbon footprint she leaves on the planet and she cannot justify flying a particular flower from across the globe for the honor of being used for one day. Even if she plans to donate the flowers to a local hospital or nursing home, the flowers will have been picked and preserved for days by the time they make it to her wedding.

Instead, she is selecting fresh flowers that are not picked until the last possible moment. She is opting for potted flowers that will continue to grow to be used for decoration. These flowers can be donated and will bring many months of joy to those who receive them.

She can even have a few of the potted plants held for her so she can transplant them into her flower bed when she arrives home from the honeymoon. What a great memory to see your wedding flowers every day in your garden.


Bright colors are going to be everywhere. They will be mixed with a lot of greenery and you will also see a lot of greenery on its own.

The flower that is most popular is Dahlias and of course, roses. Watch for these colors:

  • Peaches and Creams
  • Red wines and deep purple
  • Bright yellow
  • Tropical blends
  • Hot pink

The bouquets will be several hues of each color. Buttery yellow will accent almost any arrangement. Big, oversized, with stems and long strands of green. Drooping vines or tiny buds to hang low will bring the look together. There will be now ribbon or lace showing through these bouquets. They are all natural, fresh, fragrant, and beautiful.


There is a bridal gown that is trending this year. It is the sheer and barely, there gown. It is daring and shocking and lovely. The bride wearing this gown will opt for minimal flowers. She will carry tiny rose buds or single blooms with a ribbon. She wants as little as possible to draw the eye from her daring dress. Where she may wear more flowers in her hair and she may have her bridesmaids carry stylish and oversized bouquets, she will remain chic, and sophisticated in her jaw-dropping gown.