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Mother's Day Long Stem Red Roses Wholesale

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Long Stem Red Roses for Mother's Day - Require 21 days Advance Notice

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day more than beautiful red roses! Our Wholesale Red Valentine's Roses allow you to get premium long stem red roses at a great price.  Our long stem roses are approximately 19 - 20 inches long, and are shipped directly from the farm, making them extremely fresh!!  They are cut and shipped the same day ensuring their quality and freshness.  We are so sure you will love your flowers that we provide you with a 100% guarantee of their quality.  Our roses will arrive in wrapped bunches of 25 roses each.  To ensure the roses arrive in good shape, the farm double stacks the roses in each wrapped bunch, so it may appear at first glance that you only have 12 in each bunch.  Count the stems and you will see each bunch contains 25 premium roses.

Our roses may arrive in bud form and will need a day or two to open up.  To protect the flowers, our Long Stem Roses are shipped with their guard petals still attached.  All roses have several outer petals that surround the rose blooms which may appear bruised, torn or discolored.   THIS IS NORMAL.  Simply remove these few outer petals once you have finished hydrating the roses.  It is not uncommon for each rose bloom to have 5 - 10 guard petals. Roses are a very hardy flower, but they will need to be hydrated once they arrive.   It is perfectly normal for Long Stem Roses to look thirsty or "tired" upon arrival.  They will perk up once they receive a "fresh cut" to their stems and have time to drink up fresh water. All you need to do is remove them from their boxes, keep the paper wrap on, remove the foliage below the paper and cut 1/4 - 1/2" off the bottom of their stems and place them in warm water.  After an hour or so, carefully remove the paper wrapping and allow the roses to continue to open naturally.  Store your roses in a cool room, out of direct sunlight.   For your Long Stem Roses to look their best, we highly recommend you follow our care instructions below. 

Wholesale Red Roses Require 21 days Advance Notice!!