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Embrace Mixed Floral Bouquet - Requires 10 Days Advance Purchase

While our Embrace Bouquet is available all year, it's dramatic combination of reds, deep oranges, and purples with pops of bright green make it especially perfect for Fall gift giving.  Bring the season indoors, or use as a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece (vase included) - the Embrace bouquet is sure to impress.  Our bouquets are hand made and florist designed using only hand picked flowers from our environmentally friendly and socially responsible farms. Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

All Bouquets Requires 10 Days Advance Notice! Free shipping is included.   For best results, we recommend following our floral care instructions below.

Each Cute Mixed Floral Bouquet Contains:

  • 4 Green Novelty Green Pompons
  • 3 Red Roses
  • 2 Orange Spray Roses
  • 3 Orange Tinted Limonium
  • 3 Parvilfoia Green Eucalyptus
  • 3 Green Cocculus 3
  • 4 Purple Stock
  • Vase Included - may vary from what is shown


Bouquet Care Instructions:

  • As soon as you receive your bouquet, open the box and cut strapping to remove flowers.
  • Fill Vase with Fresh, clean water.  
  • Floral food is included with the bouquet.  We recommend use of the Floral Food - read instructions as to how much water to mix with the packet you receive for best results.
  • Remove any green foliage that will fall below the water line from the bottom of the stems. Any foliage that falls below the waterline will form bacteria and effect the life of your flowers and the blooming process.  This can especially effect gerbera daisies.  Ensure water is fresh and clear at all times.
  • Cut 1/2 to 1 inch off the bottom of each stem, preferably at an angle, and immediately place in prepared water.
  • Place flowers in fresh, cool water out of direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and drafts.  Let Bouquets hydrate for at least 4 hours, 12 or more hours is recommended
  • Check water levels frequently.  Fresh cut flowers consume a lot of water when hydrating.  Keep water levels high and water clean and fresh.