Fall Bouquet

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Fall Bouquet

 Supplies Needed:

Mango Mini Calla Lilies

Freedom Red Roses (Hearts red roses would also look beautiful in this arrangement)

Iguana Bi-color Orange Roses (Other good options:  Caribbean, Free Spirit, Iquazu, High & Magic and Imagination Roses)

Red Hypericum Berries

Green Floral Tape



Remove flower bouquet from box immediately. Cut 1 inch off the stems and remove any greens from the lower part of the stem that will be in water; greens can contaminate the water which in turn can contaminate your flowers. Put water in a vase and arrange flowers as soon as possible. Re-cut stems and change water on the third day you've had your flowers and every third day thereafter or as needed. If the blooms start to droop, re-cut flowers and change water immediately. For best results display your flower bouquet away from direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold.