50 Roses 

Looking for an extra special gift? 50 roses are a beautiful and lasting way to express your feelings. Arranged in a vase or set free around your home, a 50 roses bouquet is a stunning addition to any home or office! Fresh flowers (especially roses!) have been shown to improve mood, making them an obvious choice for a gift! Whether it's the gift of giving yourself 50 roses, or just giving them for an anniversary or birthday, we know they'll be an aromatic hit!

Try Out A Stunning 50 Roses Bouquet Today

With many colors to choose from, you can give a 50 roses bouquet to those that may not even like roses. With color choices like lavender, pink, yellow, and orange, the recipient of these 50 roses will be pleasantly surprised by your act of kindness. Give the gift of chasing away the blues with a bountiful bouquet!