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48LongStems Needs Your Feedback!

48LongStems Needs Your Feedback!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 22nd Jul 2015

Did you survive recital season? If you're a dance school teacher or studio owner, we know that you're probably already thinking about next year's dance school season, and so are we. This summer has seen us hard at work fixing the things that don't work, and discussing what we can do to make the recital flower process better than ever.

But what we want most are your opinions. Are you a new customer of 48LongStems and bought recital bouquets from us for the first time? Maybe you tried out the pre order form and didn't have the best results. We want to know! Click here to fill out our new customer survey!

Are you a dance school owner in the Los Angeles or Long Beach area? Make sure to come and see us at Dance Teacher Summit July 28-30th! We love meeting our customers, and putting names to faces!

Look for us in Connecticut at Fox Woods Resort & Casino for Dance Teacher Web Live August 3-6th as well. We can't wait to see everyone, and hear how your dance recital season went!