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5 ways to make sure 48 Long Stems flowers last the longest!

5 ways to make sure 48 Long Stems flowers last the longest!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 17th Feb 2015

It's the week after Valentine's Day. Chances are, you received roses or some other bouquet of flowers over the weekend. Now you're wondering: what do I do with them? Though there are literally hundreds of ways that people claim to be the best method, these are the tried and true ways that the pros use!

1. Flowers are thirsty

After being in a box for a day or two, it makes sense that your 48 Long Stems flowers would be a little thirsty, right? Treat them with love and care by placing them in room temperature water, sooner rather than later. The sooner, the better, because they sometimes need a little bit of time before they look their best. Receive roses that don't look alive?  There's a decent chance that putting them in water will help them perk back up, though it's not always the case.

2. Use the flower food that they come with

There's a reason why your 48 Long Stems flowers come with pre-packaged flower food. Time and time again, those home remedies (like aspirin in the water or soda) will let you down. Our flower food does everything that those things can't, and are key in making your flowers stay beautiful for more than a few days.

3. Cut flowers at an angle

This is one of the more well known flower care tips, since it's easy to remember. Whenever you receive freshly cut flowers, make sure to cut them at an angle before putting them in water. But why? Cutting at an angle gives the stem more surface area, allowing it to soak up more water, and stay in bloom for longer!

4. Change the water regularly

A lot of people make the mistake in thinking that you can fill a vase up with water and be done with it. The answer is to change the water in your vase regularly. The water should be changed every two days or so, in order to avoid bacteria build up and droopiness in the blooms.

5. Don't forget to re-cut your 48 Long Stems flowers!

After a few days, make sure to cut another inch off of your flowers if they are looking limp or lifeless. This ensures that your flowers are still getting enough surface area in the water, and prolongs their life.