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Deliver A Smile This Week With Flowers From 48LongStems!

Deliver A Smile This Week With Flowers From 48LongStems!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 2nd Sep 2015

There's truly nothing better than making someone smile. It can be like the sun coming out to play unexpectedly, or seeing an old friend who is part of your soul. No matter what age you are, smiling is contagious! Imagine making someone smile who really needs it, in the simplest way possible.

For people who live in nursing homes, visitors can sometimes be scarce, or they may not get any at all. Flowers are a powerful way to show that you care, even if you don't know who you are giving them to. The mere act of doing something nice is a rare opportunity, but one that we should embrace wholeheartedly if we can. Flowers are a perfect example of this!

Performing this random act of kindness has many benefits, but the most important is that having flowers delivered to elderly people (especially those that don't expect it) can help with boosting mood and improved social interaction, along with enhanced memory! This means that your small act can have lasting effects, but most of all, you can make someone smile.

All of this, just because you took some time out of your day to give flowers to a nursing home! Doing something good for others always makes the receiver smile too! In the end, it's about taking a few minutes out of your busy day or week and just doing something nice for someone else. In this case, we think that delivering flowers and interacting with seniors is an easy, but equally powerful way to make an impact! Happy giving!