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Give Back To Your Favorite Teacher With 48LongStems!

Give Back To Your Favorite Teacher With 48LongStems!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 19th Aug 2015

Like it or not, summer is almost over, and school is about to start again. For students and parents alike, this is met with trepidation and a little bit of glee. For teachers, it's the beginning of a long year, filled with learning, compassion and endless amounts of patience. Give the teachers in your life something special and make them feel appreciated this school year! Here are some of our favorites:


What better way to brighten up a classroom than with a gorgeous basket of sunflowers?  Many people believe that they are the "happy flowers" especially when they are in full bloom! Our sunflowers are bright and cheery, and will be a great addition to the classroom!


Typically thought of as cheap flowers, we think that carnations are a beautiful way to add a little extra color to a room, especially a classroom! Any teacher who receives these will be smelling them all week long. Not to mention, it's been shown that having flowers and plants around helps improve productivity, so bring on the blooms!


If you want to have your gift remembered, get your favorite teacher something crazy, like 100 roses! The best thing about so many roses is there's more to go around, so they can leave some at home and bring in a dozen for the classroom to enjoy during the school week. We call that a great win!

Mixed Bouquets:

Can't decide which flowers to send? Mixed bouquets are a great option because they have a little bit of everything. We love how colorful they are, and kids in school do too!