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Have A Late Summer Recital? 48LongStems Is Your Resource!

Have A Late Summer Recital? 48LongStems Is Your Resource!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 24th Jun 2015

We're nearing the end of June, and it feels like things are slowing down in the dance world. But just because some schools are out for the summer doesn't mean that all of them are. If you're one of those dance schools, this is for you. Have a recital in July or August? Or maybe you're just trying to plan your Winter recital ahead of time before things get too chaotic. We can help! Not only will we provide the flowers, but we have great tools that you never knew you needed, but you'll be happy to have!

Recital Flowers, All Year

48LongStems offers recital flowers year round. This means that we're great for mid season recitals, or private shows as well as your dance recitals. We know that dancers truly never stop dancing, and usually attend dance camps during the summer. You reward them for their hard work during the dance season, but why stop? We can deliver our beautiful recital bouquets anywhere in the country, making it easy for dance camps to use our flowers for performances throughout the summer!

Online Pre Order Forms For All Seasons

For those that are tired of handing out paper sheets that never get used, we created a pre order form that's set up online. Fill out our form and we'll create a custom site for you, with your logo, dance school name, and flower options that you'd like to sell. Pre order forms are great because they allow for online payment, and give dance school owners a smarter way to order flowers. Buy by the box from us, and make a profit at your recital!

Our pre order forms become something that parents expect from you, both for its ease of use and the expectation of flowers at recitals. Pre order forms can be put back up, so that all you have to do is adjust what products you'd like to sell, as well as any general information that you provide to parents. This tool works with you, not against you, and is great for both Winter and Spring recitals!

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Recital Flowers

You don't become the premier source for recital flowers without knowing what you're talking about. Whether you've never sold flowers before, or you're unsure about switching from your local florist, we've dealt with it all. Chances are, we know just what flowers parents and dancers alike will love! Easy delivery, and numerous color options make us the only choice when it comes to recital flowers this season.