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International Women's Day: A Holiday For Everyone!

International Women's Day: A Holiday For Everyone!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 4th Mar 2015

Whether you've realized it or not, International Women's Day is right around the corner. Occurring every year on March 8th, International Women's Day represents the efforts of millions of women worldwide, striving for true equality. As a result, this is a holiday for everyone. Whether you're male or female, there's someone that deserves to be thanked for changing your life for the better! Ahead, our list of unsung heroes that you may have forgotten to say thank you to in your life.

1. Teachers:

Education is a crucial thing for everyone, and we have our amazing teachers to thank for our ability to think critically and interact with the world around us. Do something sweet and send them our Caramel Bonanza gift basket! After all, teachers are known for apples, and what's better than a gourmet caramel apple to say thanks, just because you can?

Teacher Gift

2. Grandmothers & Aunts:

There's really nothing better than family, and if you're lucky, that means more than just your mother who you can honor for International Women's Day. It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day, like your grandmother or an aunt. Why not send them some beautiful Gerber daisies? Their bright colors and vibrant beauty will make International Women's Day incredibly special this year!

Gifts for grandmothers

3. Mother-in-Law

Marriage means the start of a new family, and your mother-in-law is a crucial part of that new family! What better way to show you respect and appreciate her companionship than sending her 12 long stem yellow roses? Roses are typically thought to be the most beautiful roses that money can buy, and yellow roses have special meaning. Make her smile!

Mother in law treat

4. Sister

If you're lucky enough to have a sister, then you know that it's a complicated, but one of a kind relationship. Whether she lives 5 minutes down the road, or on the other side of the country, let her know you're thinking about her by sending her tulips. It'll make her think of spring and hold your sisterly bond in high regard.

Tulips for your sister

5. Best Friend

A best friend that can resist the tests of time is worth more than money could ever buy. Friendship is a privilege, and deserves recognition. Someone who is always there for you, and understands you inside and out can only be honored with something as stunning as 25 red roses. Though they are usually reserved for love and romance, the love between two best friends can be just as passionate, if not more!

25 red roses are beautiful for best friends