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Introducing...New Bonsai Plants!!

Posted by Mike Geiger on 10th Nov 2014

"Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai Plant"

Golden Gate Ficus Bonsai PlantGolden Gate Ficus

Bonsai is a Japanese term that when translated means “tray plantings.” It is an art form that dates back over a thousand years, and describes miniature trees that are grown in containers. Many plants and trees are grown for food production, medicine, or landscapes. Bonsai have a different purpose—these are created to inspire contemplation by the viewer.

Most people think Bonsai trees are specially cultivated to produce smaller plants than we might find in nature. Bonsai does not require special sized trees, rather their size is maintained by pruning, potting, trimming roots, and constant maintenance to produce smaller versions of their full size counterparts.

You’ve seen these mysterious little trees before and you’d love to have one in your home or office but you’re intimidated at the idea. How do I take care of one? Well it’s simple. One hug each morning and a pat on its trunk twice a day and you’ll be all set! Alright, perhaps there’s a bit more involved but we can assure you, bonsai are becoming a very popular item–and they’re a wonderful gift idea when you need to make a lasting impression! There’s a great selection of bonsai to choose from here at 48LongStems, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try!