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Our Tricks To Ordering The Right Size For Recital Bouquets!

Our Tricks To Ordering The Right Size For Recital Bouquets!

Posted by Michael Geiger on 14th Sep 2014

When planning to order recital bouquets you have three size boxes you can choose from at 48LongStems (Large, Medium, and Small). There are some things to keep in mind. In each of the three box sizes we put as many 1-stem, 3-stem, 6-stem, or 12-stem rose bouquets as we can without breaking the stems. Things to keep in mind:

A large box is where you make the most money. This is because the large box has more stems to amortize the shipping costs over. Therefore the bouquets in the large box have the lowest cost per bouquet which allows you to make more money on each sale if you use our suggested selling price.

A medium box should be considered when you are trying to build up your business but don’t have enough orders to sell a large box. You can make some money with a medium box, but not as much money as a large box. As my accounting friends might say, your ROI “return on investment” is less on a medium box than a large box.

A small box has so few bouquets that you really don’t make any money on them. You may break even, but don’t trick yourself into thinking that you are making money. You really are breaking even. They are a good way to see if a bouquet will sell without investing a lot of money. It is good to test something new, and a small box can do this for you. This box makes great teacher gifts.

Combo Boxes have a selection of 1-stem, 3-stem, 6-stem, or 12-stem rose bouquets. These boxes do not give you the lowest price per bouquets. However, it is great for a dance school that wants to sell bouquets for the first time to test selling all four bouquets. After getting this box, your school will better understand what your parents will most likely want to buy.