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Put your money where your mouth is!!!

Posted by Mike Geiger on 21st Oct 2014

Here at 48LongStems we don’t just provide fresh flowers for you to send your loved ones, we really care about our community—and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is! We’re always looking to join with our customers who purchase roses, calla lilies, and daisies to give donations to causes that are close to our heart. What better way to give back than by donating to some great causes that affect our communities every day? Check out what’s going on with our “We Give Back” program:

  • U.S. Soldiers are deployed overseas every day, often for months at a time. It’s no surprise, they leave loved ones here at home who miss them dearly. We distribute discount codes through Give To The Troops to these overseas soldiers so they can send flowers back home. What better way to say “I Love and Miss You” than a bouquet of fresh roses?
  • Have you checked out our Premium Pink Flowers lately? Pink roses, pink carnations, pink tulips…we love pink! We love the inspiration that the Susan G. Komen Foundation brings as well, and we donate a portion of each pink flower order to their cause. Click the link to learn more about their search for a cure for breast cancer.
  • One of the owners was blessed with a beautiful little girl who is severely autistic. Autism is one of the largest growing disabilities affecting children in this country. It can cause such hardship and frustration within families but where there is love and understanding, there is hope. 48LongStems is working on a line of bouquets that will donate a percentage of each sale to help bring awareness to Autism. Stay tuned for more details.

There you have it! We have great things going on here and we’d love to have you be a part of it. Send flowers to someone you love and donate to a great cause at the same time! Let us know what programs you have seen that spread awareness for organizations you support. We'd love to hear about it and so would others!