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Recital Bouquets for Dance Schools

Posted by Mike Geiger on 22nd Oct 2014

Spring is the time for flowers and Dance Recitals. It is great to see the eyes of children open up as they get a beautiful bouquet of flowers given to them after their performance.

Making rose bouquets for has always been a lot of work the Dance School if not just a plain “hassle”. With all the stress and things to do before a performance, getting the flowers, cleaning the stems of the bulk roses, and assembling the bouquet is not something that can easily be done. There are always too many things to do before the recital.

At 48LongStems we offer a turnkey program that allows fully assembled flower bouquets to be delivered directly to a school. All that needs to be done is to cut the stems and place in water once they arrive. Best of all the price for the flowers are so low that a school can make money as a fundraiser at the same time. Call with questions on how we can help you make money with recital bouquets at your next recital.

These beautiful bouquets will help take the stress out of the recital season by coming fully assembled and ready to sell. Order Now at 48LongStems.

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Roses arrive individually sleeved in a specially designed box to ensure safe arrival at your location.


Roses will arrive thirsty after their journey, be sure to place them in water once they arrive.