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Repurpose Your Favorite Flowers From 48LongStems!

Repurpose Your Favorite Flowers From 48LongStems!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 30th Sep 2015

Everyone loves getting flowers. They make your home smell amazing, brighten up any room and are a welcome change of pace to see in everyday life. But what do you do with them when they die? Most people just throw them away, but we think that you can repurpose them instead! Ahead, these are our favorite ways to give your flowers a little extra life! 

Framing Them

This is by far our favorite idea of what to do with old flowers, because you can incorporate them into your home permanently! We think a fun way to frame them would be to mix up varieties, like roses with daisies, or violets with sunflowers. The idea with framing them is texture, and of course, making something that you're proud to display on your wall! This way, your framed flowers become a focal point in your home, long after they've stopped blooming. 

Making Soap With Them

This option is for the crafty people out there who love repurposing anything and everything. To make soap with your flowers, we recommend crumbling petals or breaking them up into smaller pieces. Find a hardy recipe and get to testing! Once you've made your flower soaps, they are a great gift to give for the holidays or just because!

Pressing Them In Scrapbooks

If crafting involving lye and chemicals isn't quite your thing, pressing flowers is definitely the easiest way to preserve and repurpose them! All you need are heavy books and flowers that you'd like to press. The first step is to find flowers. The next is to make sure they are dry, and have heavy books nearby. Take your flowers out and put them inside of a heavy book. Close the book and then put other heavy books on top of the flowers. Give them about a week and they'll be perfectly pressed! Once they are, you can glue them into a scrapbook. It's a fun way to give a personal touch to a journal or scrapbook when pictures just aren't enough.

Make Your Own Potpourri!

Don't want to put your flowers up on the wall or between the pages of books? Potpourri is a beautiful way to keep the essence of your flowers alive for years to come! The key to potpourri is to select ingredients that will smell good together. Start with things from outside that are in season, and then add your flowers. Roses are extremely fragrant, and hold their aroma for a long time, making them a good candidate for potpourri. Making potpourri is not a fast process, but once finished, you can put it in a fun dish or bowl and admire it in your home for years and years!

Customize Some Coasters

Making coasters requires patience (as all of these projects do!) but it's well worth it in the end. Since coasters are small, we recommend small flowers, like pansies or buds of flowers so they fit on the glass pane. Make sure you have all of your materials that you need, because this is a project that requires a good eye and a steady hand. There's nothing worse than when you're crafting and have to go get something that you forgot!