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Roses and Daisies

Posted by Katie Elliott on 13th Jan 2015

One of my favorite stories about love involves my parents. They were working for the same company in Rhode Island, and when they met there was an immediate connection. After several months of shyness, my Dad finally got the courage to ask my Mom out on a date, which was the beginning of a life-long romance.

One day my Dad said to my mom “when I know I love you I’ll give you white roses.” My Mom answered with “when I know I love you I’ll give you daisies.”

After several months of dating, before arriving at her house, my dad stopped at a florist to pick up a dozen white roses. Little did he know that my Mom was at home spreading around daisies waiting to surprise him. I can only imagine their reaction when they found out they had gotten their flowers on the same day.

All it takes are some flowers to create a beautiful story! Order yours today to say “I love you” to your special someone this Valentine’s Day