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Say Thank You to the Admin Professional in Your Life!

Say Thank You to the Admin Professional in Your Life!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 22nd Apr 2015

A very important holiday is today, and many people won't remember it. Though celebrated world wide, Administrative Professionals Day sometimes gets swept under the rug and forgotten. This holiday is a great way to show your appreciation for the Admin Professionals in your life. Whether they are answering phones or identify as an office manager, we want you to show the Admin Professional in your life just how much you appreciate them and their hard work!

Pamper Them: 

It's hard to go wrong with a gift basket bursting with spa goodies, like Cru de Provence vanilla coconut scented spa products, shower gel, body scrub, soft waffle slippers and much more! After a long day at the office working, Administrative Professionals deserve a gift basket that will bring them pleasure, again and again!

Appeal to their Sweet Side:

Say thank you in the best way possible: with cookies, cheese spread, sea salt & olive oil crackers, toffee almonds, English tea and more tasty treats in a beautiful gift basket! Have it delivered to your Admin Professional's desk and watch them instantly become the talk of the office. We can't think of a more enticing way to say thank you!

Brighten Their Desk:

Does your Admin Professional spend most of their time at their desk, answering phones and making sure things are running smoothly in the office? These beautiful sunflowers are sure to brighten up their desk, no matter how busy they may be this week! It's hard not to smile when you're surrounded by these classic sunflowers.

Give Them Something Gourmet:

They don't have to travel to Italy to taste it! We love this gorgeous gift basket, filled with traditional gourmet Italian food, such as milk chocolate pralines, roasted garlic crackers, rigatoni pasta and more! Flowers may last a few days, but we love gifts that keep giving!

Go With a Gift Giving Classic:

When words just don't say enough, 25 red roses always save the day. Roses are truly the goddesses of the flower world, and we think it's easy to see why! Beautiful, fragrant, and dramatic, red roses will make your Admin Professional truly feel appreciated. Make their day with just one thing this year, and make it roses.