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Need to order fresh roses for Valentine's Day this year?

Need to order fresh roses for Valentine's Day this year?

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 11th Feb 2015

Everybody's favorite time of year has returned. It's filled with chocolates, teddy bears, and of course: long stemmed roses. Usually red roses, all in the name of romance. Valentine's Day is meant to be a special time, but between making orders that don't come on time, ordering the wrong color roses (yes, you can mess this up!) and just worrying about finding a Valentine, it can be stressful.

Rest assured, we know flowers, and roses are always a winner when you want to impress. These are some of our favorites and bestsellers!

50 Long Stem Lavender Roses

For the special someone who doesn't want what everybody else has, lavender roses are beautiful, vibrant, and unforgettable. This is the perfect moment to let them know that they have conquered your heart! After all, purple is the color of royalty.

50 Long Stem Assorted Roses

Assorted roses make for a varied and sensational bouquet. Imagine the look on their face when they see these on Valentine's Day. Once they come out of the box, you'll be entranced by the beauty that a rainbow of roses can create.

100 Long Stem Red Roses

It doesn't get much more classic than this! 100 long stem red roses are sure to stop them right in their tracks. Make sure to write a meaningful message to make it a Valentine's Day to remember for years to come!

Flower of the Month

Want to give them a Valentine's Day that lasts all year? Try out our Flower of the Month option. Each month, roses will be delivered to your home, making their day, each and every time.

Whether you're looking for red long stemmed roses, a flower of the month package, fresh roses or just something special to make Valentine's Day matter this year, 48 Long Stems has you covered. Order now and be worry free, knowing that your beautiful roses will be arriving right on time, guaranteed!

Order with us by Friday, 2/13/15 @ 2 pm to make sure your gift will arrive on Valentine's Day!