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Dance School Teachers: Want A Stress Free Recital This Year?

Dance School Teachers: Want A Stress Free Recital This Year?

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 8th Apr 2015

If you're a dance school teacher or owner, then you know that crunch time is coming. With costumes to order, students to teach and parents to deal with, it's understandable if you're feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you think to yourself, "I wish this was easier." Or you stare in dismay as the list of things that you have to do just piles up in front of you. 48LongStems is here to help! This year, we're offering pre-order forms for dance schools that need to sell flowers at their recitals. We've eliminated one of the things that can cause a lot of stress, so you can focus on the things that really matter. Like teaching!

Below is a sample image of what our pre order form looks like (and here's the demo site for the full picture). We keep it simple, because we want to make sure this helps you, instead of making things more stressful. Our pre order form allows you to take payments online, making the process more streamlined. After all, who likes chasing down parents? We know that flowers are crucial for young dancers, and this is a really simple way to do it!

How It Works:

Submit the pre order form on our site. Include your logo, copy of what you want the site to say, and what items you'd like to have available on the form. Once we receive your form, we'll give you a call to go over your form and make sure you understand how the process works. We create the site, and give you the URL a few weeks later. We go over the site with you one more time, and get your approval. 

From there, you give out the URL to the parents and friends who want to pre order flowers, marketing it however you see fit. We recommend Dance School Facebook Pages, emails, and flyers to hand out to get the word out about your program! 

1 week before your recital, we'll shut down the pre order page (or sooner, if you let us know) and will send you a master spreadsheet that shows you what everyone has pre ordered. From there, you make your master order with us for flowers. We ship and deliver them to you! It's easy, efficient, and lets you take care of more important things during recital season.