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Team Summer Vs. Team Autumn

Team Summer Vs. Team Autumn

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 9th Sep 2015

Are you happy that summer is almost over? Like it or not, summer is going, going...gone? To some people, summer has already ended! It brings up the timeless debate: are you Team Summer or Team Autumn? It's hard to think that summer is over when temperatures are soaring to 90+ degrees this week on the East Coast! 

Team Autumn: Summer Is Over When Kids Go Back To School

Are you a parent? Chances are, you're on Team Autumn, thinking that when school starts and the kids go back, summer is over (and good riddance!) It's the beginning of getting back into the swing of things at work, without weeks of vacations and traveling to worry about. Most schools choose to begin after Labor Day, which is everyone's favorite long weekend. But once that's over, you're ready for fall and the peace of mind it brings you. Kids need stability and routines, which they aren't very likely to get when they are home each and every day, or getting shuttled back and forth to camp. In the fall, you can be you again, and count down the days until winter and being cold begins.

Team Summer: Summer Is Over When The Temperatures Drop

If you're not on Team Autumn, you probably subscribe to the idea that summer is over when it's no longer 90 degrees outside. It's hard to imagine fall when you're sweating just walking down the street! Fall brings to mind cozy sweaters, apple cider, chunky scarves, boots and a crispness in the air. By the end of summer, you're sweating, hot, and more than ready to trade your shorts and flip flops for cooler evenings and all the delicious flavors of fall. We're almost there, Team Summer!

Team Pumpkin Spice Latte: Summer Is Over When Starbucks Has The PSL

Let's not forget the reason that the rest of the world waits for: the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It doesn't matter if it's 30 degrees outside or 103, PSL lovers will go and order their favorite drink and declare that fall has arrived! The PSL arrived in stores on September 8th, but many obsessive fans were able to try it early with a secret password. This year, the PSL has "real pumpkin" in it, which is supposed to make it even better than before. 

What The Experts At The Farmer's Almanac Say

While Labor Day unofficially signifies the end of summer, the official last day of summer is actually September 22, 2015. Autumn officially starts on September 23 at 4:21 am. As far as it feeling like fall, the Farmers¹ Almanac long-range forecasts do include some cooler weather next week but the official cool off will come late September/early October. So don¹t wish away this last heat wave too fast. Winter is coming!

Here's what we can all agree on: flowers! Many of your favorite summer flowers happen to also carry over into fall. Rosesdaisies, and calla lilies are all beautiful ways to welcome fall into your home, while you reap the benefits of having flowers around. No matter what team you're playing for, we think that's a win for everyone!