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The Best Bouquets Of Flowers: April Showers Edition!

The Best Bouquets Of Flowers: April Showers Edition!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 15th Apr 2015

A miserable March, and half of April has finally brought us some gorgeous spring weather! In April, some of the most beautiful flowers are in bloom. What excuse can you possibly have not to take advantage of that and have flowers throughout your home? Check out our favorites for spring, and make April bright & beautiful!


Tulips are the queen of flowers in the spring. Hardy, resilient, and beautiful, tulips are popular wherever the sun is shining! We think the best place for them is in your living room, where they can soak up all the sun that's slowly making its way into homes everywhere. April is when they start to pop up everywhere, why shouldn't that include in your home as a bright pop of color?

Calla Lilies:

Calla lilies are elegant and refined flowers. Putting them in a bouquet of flowers instantly changes the way that your bouquet is interpreted. In the modern home, calla lilies act as a focal point, bringing a direct focus to the part of the home that they are placed in.


Sunflowers are the cheeriest of flowers that spring has to offer us. With their bright yellow color and large blooms, it's hard to stay upset when you're surrounded by this beautiful flowers! These are great at making a workplace feel more creative, and less uptight. Sunflowers are also great for letting someone know who may be recovering or sick that you care about them, and are there for them.  Let that sunshine in!


Roses are beautiful anytime of year, but they especially shine in the spring! Whether they are in mixed bouquets, or are by themselves, roses are stunning! We love bright bouquets for spring in pink, orange, yellow and white!

Gerber Daisies:

Don't confuse the gerber daisy with a sunflower, because they are completely different. Gerber daisies bring a serious punch of color, which is well deserved after dealing with winter! Get them in pink, white, yellow, red or orange as the perfect thing to brighten up your kitchen table. Throw open the drapes, and feel spring, inside and out!