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The small cost of loving someone may be to send flowers

The small cost of loving someone may be to send flowers

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 18th Mar 2015

How much does it cost to keep someone happy? You may think it's millions of dollars, but it's much less than that. First of all, it's about the thought behind the gesture. When you love someone, you'd do anything and everything for them. Whether it means staying up all night with them when they are sick, or buying them a special treat because it reminded you of them, love is all encompassing! 

And it doesn't matter what your age is, because love doesn't discriminate. If you haven't seen it already, this video is an amazing example of the power of love.

For that special someone, only the best will do. Well, it's the middle of March, and we think you should give them something beautiful, just like them. Our new bouquets of roses (just in time for spring!) are quite literally, stunning. Whoever is lucky enough to receive them will feel the light of love shining down on them. Not to be mushy, but sometimes the cost of love is just seeing them smile, right?

Take your pick from our new rainbow roses, pastel roses, Fire & Ice roses, or the always elegant white and yellow rose bouquet pairing. Someone who brings beauty to your life, inside and out, deserves roses that are just one more way to say I love you.


And I love you said with flowers that take their breath away? It's the perfect way to say everything, when words just don't say enough.