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The Ultimate Recital Checklist From 48LongStems!

The Ultimate Recital Checklist From 48LongStems!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 12th Aug 2015

The school year is coming up, and you know what that means: dance season is right around the corner! Make sure this year's Nutcracker (or spring recital) is the best one yet. Have these things with you and watch the stress just melt away. Whether you're a teacher, dancer or parent, it's important to know what you need!

For Teachers:

-check out our Pre Order Form to make buying flowers and selling them as a fundraiser stress free for you this year!

-order costumes soon, before prices go up and availability shrinks. (We recommend Revolution Dancewear!)

-Go over whether or not students are wearing fake eyelashes

-Plan dates and times for the recital, as well as your venue. Consider giving online ticketing a try this year with TutuTix!

-Are you having a photographer come in and document your recital? Make the process easier with Memory Makers!

For Dancers:


-Stage Makeup

Make sure stage makeup matches your dancer's complexion, because there's nothing worse than buying the wrong shade and looking like a ghost! Mode Dion makes gorgeous stage makeup that's easy to use!




-Clear nail polish for snags

-Quiet activities like books, Kindles, and a deck of cards

-Extra chargers for electronics

-Healthy and non messy snacks, like veggie sticks or dried fruit

-Plenty of water

-Travel toothbrush and toothpaste

-Bobby pins (the color of the dancer's hair so they blend in)



-Extra glitter or rhinestones

-Costume (don't forget it!)

-Spare tights

-Flowers, because there's no better way to say job well done after the recital

-Appropriate dance shoes for the recital

-Extra shoes to run around in before the recital

For Parents:

-Lots of space to store all of the above!

-Baby wipes



-Nude leotards for quick changes if you're helping out backstage

-If the school is having a photographer, make sure to fill out the check sooner rather than later so you can just hand it over.

We hope this list is helpful as the stress of dance school season and recitals begins to pile on! And don't forget, whatever your flower needs may be for your recital, 48LongStems can help. Feel free to give us a call anytime!