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Up Your Anniversary Game This Year With Flowers!

Up Your Anniversary Game This Year With Flowers!

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 29th Jul 2015

No matter what time of year it may be, anniversaries are always around the corner. Stumped and don't know what to get? Flowers are a major part of how to pull off a meaningful and special anniversary this year!

Year 1: Pansy

Don't over think the first year! Pansies are an easy and beautiful flower, meant to help your love grow as you move forward in marriage. The Pansy is a symbol of love and togetherness, making it perfect for that first year of marriage.

Year 5: Daisy

If you've made it to your 5th anniversary, it's a big deal. Daisies symbolize loyal love and innocence. The daisy states that your marriage has only just begun. The best thing about daisies: they are very colorful flowers! Pick from all white to multi colored Gerber Daisies to show your love off.

Year 10: Daffodil

The 10th anniversary! Congratulations on keeping it going for a whole decade. Many people say give daffodils for the 10th anniversary, as they are said to mean new beginnings, which is a nice message to think about after being married for 10 years. However, if you really want to stun them, we highly recommend a bouquet with lilies. Not only are they elegant, but lilies have a beautiful advantage over other flowers because they bloom for longer and look absolutely magnificent while they are in bloom. What better way to symbolize a marriage of 10 years than with flowers that bloom and look better over time?

Year 15: Rose

By the fifteenth year, it's probably starting to feel like you've been married forever. But you haven't, and giving roses for your anniversary this year will help stir up some passion. Roses are always held in high regard when it comes to love and romance, and it's simple to see why. Not only are they beautiful, but they are fragrant and hold themselves with the kind of poise that your love has come to represent over the last fifteen years.

With this helpful guide, anniversaries will become something you'll enjoy buying flowers for, year after year. Of course, there's nothing wrong with giving flowers "just because" as well!