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What Are You Doing For Sweetest Day?

What Are You Doing For Sweetest Day?

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 7th Oct 2015

You may know all there is to know about Valentine's Day (hello, most over-commercialized holiday ever!) but what about Sweetest Day? Though many think it has a dark history, it's actually rather sweet! If there was ever a holiday to celebrate, this is the one!

Legend has it that in 1922, a candy store employee named Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to give thanks to the under appreciated, like orphans and people down on their luck. Though it started as a regional holiday in the Midwest, it's now seen as a sincere way to give thanks to all the people you love, including family, friends and that special someone.

So the big question is: how are you going to celebrate this holiday? We have a few ideas...depending on how crafty you are!

Make Your Own Macaroons:

If you weren't already aware, macaroons and basically anything French are having a huge moment. We think it would be so cute if you made your own macaroons. Turns out, it's not even that difficult! With a recipe like this, let your inner baker have a moment and give them out to your friends, parents, coworkers, or anybody that makes you smile. Bonus points: make the ultimate ganache or frosting to go inside of your freshly baked french cookies!

Homemade Friendship Card:

If baking just isn't your thing, there's nothing more adorable than a homemade card. Confession time: when I was a kid, this was my thing. We're talking homemade cards sent to everyone in my family, for everything from Christmas to thank you notes. I even had my own logo, which was a handwritten tulip. If you're not that crafty, not to worry! All you need is paper and some nice things to say about the people who are in your life.

Mini Gift Basket (combine all of the things you just baked or crafted!)

If you want a gift that pulls it all together, for your best friend on the planet, consider building them a mini gift basket, featuring your freshly baked macaroons, friendship card, and some chocolates. After all, it's the thought that counts, but the way to anyone's heart is with a well thought out gift that includes food! To do this, go to your local craft store (we recommend Michael's) and pick up a basket. Then all you have to do is stack it high with goodies your friend will love. Maybe include a bottle of wine if you want the gift to keep on giving.

Taste The Town:

If you live in a place that's dynamic, it can be super fun to "taste the town!" Yes, you can do this on a limited budget too. What is the town that you live in known for? Maybe it's apples, or maple syrup. Go downtown and support local businesses to gather this taste on the town. Put in candies, cupcakes or cute tourist items that will make friends or family smile. Buy a cute bag and bring it all together! A great way to give your taste on the town some pizazz is some tissue paper or glitter. Make it creative, and they'll know that it came from the heart!

The Old Classic:

Our ideas are pretty different, we know. If you're feeling nervous about finding ingredients or tapping into your creative side, you could always go with flowers or a gift basket for your sweets on Sweetest Day! Flowers are shown to make even the crankiest people smile, which is ultimately the goal of this feel good holiday. And if you need a reason to treat yourself: make yourself your own Sweetie for a day. Give yourself flowers!