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What Women Really Want When You Order Roses

What Women Really Want When You Order Roses

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 4th Feb 2015

Roses are the flowers of love, romance, lust, and friendship. As a result, it can be a challenge to order roses, especially when big holidays like Valentine's Day are right around the corner! So how do you know which roses you should give someone this year? Wonder no more because 48 LongStems has you covered!

Roses for a friend

Roses are thought to be the most beautiful flowers, and it makes sense to send them to those that you care about. But when you order roses for a friend, things can get tricky. This is because different roses can mean different things. For a friend, yellow or white roses are appropriate, as well as salmon colored and orange. They can convey emotions of tranquility, innocence, friendship and other similar feelings. These are the best kinds to order when you want to thank someone for being in your life.

Roses that say I love you

These are the most common reasons people order roses for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, and anniversaries. For these occasions, the brighter, the better. The most popular: deep crimson red (rose red) and bright fuchsia pink. Though pink and red are ordered the most, this can be a great opportunity to truly show how much you care about someone! Many think that pink and red roses can be cliche, and some people may want something that is more original than a dozen red roses. Whether that means a mixed bouquet, a 100 rose bouquet or a thousand, creativity is something they will always remember! Imagine the look on their face when you hand them a dozen lavender roses; could there be a better way to tell someone they truly are the ruler of your heart?

Roses for a new someone special

Valentine's Day can be incredibly difficult if you've started a new relationship, and your feelings aren't cemented. Flower color and meanings can really work in your favor here, especially when you mix it up! With someone new, it can be fun to give them just a few flowers, with a small box of chocolates, or some cupcakes. Light pink, orange and purple roses together make for a unique bouquet that will never look ordinary!