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Why 48LongStems for Your Recital

Posted by Mike Geiger on 16th Nov 2016

Why should you use 48LongStems for your next recital?

48Longstems is the largest supplier of recital bouquets to the dance industry!! As a full service floral company, we can ship wholesale bulk flowers or ready made bouquets directly to your location in the US or Canada.

  • Tired of making your own bouquets?
  • Not making any money selling recital bouquets?
  • Let us show you how to make money selling flowers at your next recital!!!

48Longstems contracts with all major flower farms in the United States and South America. When you place an order with us, our flowers are cut and shipped directly from our farms or warehouse – guaranteeing their freshness. We are so confident in the quality of our flowers, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders. No questions asked.

In addition to the quality and freshness of our flowers, our proprietary farm contracts allow us to pass on wholesale pricing directly to our customers. No middle men, no florists, no extra costs means you get the lowest cost pricing available – and we can ship them to any location in the US or Canada!! You can decide if you want to purchase bulk, wholesale flowers, or already pre-made bouquets, wrapped and ready to sell!! And since you determine the final sales price to your parents, you can control the profit margin you wish to make: 30%, 40% even 50% is possible.

Not sure how many or what kind of recital bouquets to order? 48Longstems can take the guesswork out of ordering to ensure you purchase just what you need; you don’t want to lose profit margins purchasing too many bouquets.

48Longstems will design a custom web site for your school, highlighting the bouquets you wish to offer. This will help you to market your bouquets to your parents BEFORE your recital or competitions and allow your parents to pre-order and pre-pay, if desired. By allowing parents to pre-order, you can determine how many and what type of bouquets your families want in advance, making it easy to determine what size order you need to place. Our bouquets are shipped in small, medium and large size boxes allowing you to order just the right amount for your recitals or competitions.

Selling recital or competition flowers should be easy and profitable. With 48Longstems it is!!