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Why having fresh flowers in your home or office can help you

Why having fresh flowers in your home or office can help you

Posted by Sarah Gelber on 25th Feb 2015

No matter what part of the country you're living in, winter has not been playing nice this year. From over 3 feet of snow covering the Northeast to a miserable drought in California, and snow in places like Kentucky, things have not been running smoothly. It's times like this that you start to wonder, is spring ever going to make an appearance?

We can't promise you that it will (we hope so) but we think that there is something that could make spring feel like it's finally within reach: fresh flowers! Yes, we may be a little bit bias, but did you know that having them in your home is actually good for your mental health? It makes sense when you think about it, because flowers are what you bring when someone is in the hospital! It's a well known fact that having bright, colorful, and most importantly, fresh flowers  can help brighten your mood.

When science backs you up, you know that you have to sit down and listen. Having flowers in your home regularly can lead to a decrease in anxiety, depression, and feelings of being stressed out. Not to say that they are a miracle cure, but winter is a dark time, both literally and figuratively. Having fresh flowers in your home is a simple way to bring the sunshine inside with you!

Fresh flowers aren't just effective in the home; they also can make quite the impact in your office. Having plants and vibrant flowers can lead to increased productivity. Creativity also sees a boost, and concentration increases because of a greater amount of oxygen being contributed to the air. Who wouldn't want to see a boost in all of these things?

It just goes to show that even if spring isn't here yet, flowers can still have a powerful impact on your life!