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Rainbow Medium Tropical Bouquet

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Rainbow Medium Tropical Bouquets - Requires 10 Days Advance Purchase

You may not be able to take that island vacation this year, but you can bring the spirit home with our gorgeous Tropical Bouquets.  Our custom designed and hand made Medium Tropical Bouquets are the perfect way to bring the mood indoors. Decorating couldn't get any simpler - or any more affordable.  Our custom made Medium Tropical Bouquets are incredibly affordable and long lasting. All of our medium centerpieces come pre-arranged and are ready to go - straight out of the box!  Simply give the stems a fresh cut and place in a vase.

Our Medium Tropical Bouquets are shipped directly from our environmentally friendly and socially responsible farms - guaranteeing your bouquets will be made using only the highest quality, freshest flowers available. In fact, the farm that produces these beautiful bouquets plants every seed themselves, and harvests each bloom by hand on land that they have rescued from injured areas of the Rainforest.  By purchasing this bouquet, not only will you have the most beautiful tropical flowers available, your purchase will help promote reforestation of the Rainforest with their native flora.  The flowers used to make up our tropical bouquets are very long lasting - however, for best results, we recommend you follow our Medium Tropical Bouquet Care Instructions below.

Medium Tropical Bouquet Care Instructions:

  • Open Box as soon as you receive it
  • Each Bouquet is approximately 50 cm (@ 19 inches) in length
  • Each Bouquet contains 21-27 stems per bouquet
  • Each Bouquet arrives pre-arranged.  Simply give the stems a "fresh cut" and place in fresh, clean water.
  • Place your tropical flowers in an environment you feel comfortable in - temperature wise. 
  • DO NOT PLACE TROPICAL FLOWERS IN COOLERS -REFRIGERATION WILL HARM THE FLOWERS.  Average room temperatures are perfect for tropical flowers - they do best stored in temperatures between 55°F to 75°F.
  • Occasionally spray the flowers with water to preserve its moisture.
  • Keep vase water level at least half full.
  • Confeti Medium Tropical Bouquets are available year round.
  • If cared for properly, your tropical bouquet can last up to 2 weeks.
  • Vases Not Included