Ranunculus - Wholesale

Ranunculus are quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding and event flowers around - and it's easy to see why.  With rows and rows of soft, delicate petals forming concentric circles around a center eye, Ranunculus have the romantic feel of small peonies or camelias.  Ranuculas  have one medium sized, delicate bloom per stem, but they may also have smaller flowers or buds on adjoining stems, making them striking in bud vases on their own or with a sprig of greenery or astilbe.  Mixed with other flowers in arrangements, Ranunculus sheer beauty draws the eye and often steals the show. Ranuculus stems have a tendency to bend - a trait often desired by designers to create a looser, informal feel to elegant or casual arrangements.  Our wholesale ranunculas are available year round and are grown on environmentally friendly, and socially responsible farms known for producing outstanding, high grade, superior blooms.  They are cut and shipped the same day to ensure their quality and freshness.  They are a delicate and fragile flower, so care must be taken in handling them.   Follow the care instructions on our website or call us at (207)618-7618 for assistance in caring for your beautiful, fresh cut ramnunculus.