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Salmon Alstroemeria

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Alstroemeria are beautiful and unique flowers that have an extremely long vase life.  They may look dainty and fragile, but they are hardy flowers that are very easy to work with. Alstroemeria are terrific wedding flowers due to the wide range of colors available: from soft to bright colors - and their affordability. They are a dependable bloomer that tolerates most weather conditions well and they add great fullness and texture to all arrangements.  They look beautiful when mixed with any other type of flower, but also look stunning when massed on its own.

Wholesale Salmon Alstroemeria

Our flowers are shipped direct from the farm, making them extremely fresh! Alstroemeria is a member of the lily family, and have multiple blooms per stem - elongating their bloom time.  Alstroemeria may arrive in bud form.  We suggest you receive your alstroemeria 3-4 days before your event to allow for natural opening of the flowers; however, if you need to force the blooms to open earlier, simply cut the stems and place in very warm, almost hot water.  Repeat 6 - 12 hours later and blooms should start to open.  Once a bloom opens, the remaining blooms will continue to open over the next several days, giving you extra time to enjoy these beautiful flowers.  Wholesale Alstroemeria Requires 7 Days Advance Notice! Free Shipping is included in the price, with a 100% guarantee of quality. As these are farm direct from South America, you must have someone there to sign for your package when it arrives!