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Thankful Cornucopia

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Thankful Cornucopia - Requires 7 Days Advance Purchase

Containing 30 stems of gorgeous, farm fresh flowers, the Thankful Cornucopia is bursting with an abundance of seasonal color.  The Thankful Cornucopia is an excellent way to bring the feeling of Fall into your home; and, it makes the perfect Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  Whether you are looking to decorate your holiday table with ease, or if you want to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them this year, the Thankful Cornucopia is sure to impress.  Hand made by professional florists at our eco-friendly farms, the Thankful Cornucopia is filled with the highest quality, freshest flowers available.  Our designers hand select only the best flowers, arrange them into a beautiful display, and ship them direct from the farm to your doorstep.  We are so confident in the quality of our flowers, we 100% guarantee them!  And, for an extra measure of goodness - in addition to being the highest quality, freshest flowers - we only use flowers grown on certified Eco-Friendly farms that practice the highest standards in responsible farming methods. 

When you receive your Thankful Cornucopia, open the box immediately and remove. Your Cornucopia should be ready to display immediately.  However, we recommend you follow the care instructions found above, to keep your Cornucopia blooming for as long as possible. This cornucopias contains fresh flowers and will need to be watered regularly in order to continue blooming.  A small funnel is included in each cornucopia to assist in adding water to the arrangement, as needed.  With proper care, your Thankful Cornucopia should last for 8 - 12 days. 

This centerpiece contains 30 stem of the following flowers and greens: 

  • Fancy Red Mini-Carnations - 5 Stems
  • Eucalyptus Silver Dollar - 3 Stems
  • Sunflowers - 2 Stems
  • Bi-color Yellow Roses - 3 Stems
  • Green Ruscus - 3 Stems
  • Solidago - 2 Stems
  • Fancy Orange Carnations - 3 Stems
  • Green Pittosporum - 4 Stems
  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus Tinted Orange - 5 Stems
  • Cornucopia 
  • Approximately 18" L X 9" H