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Tree Fern, Italian Ruscus and Silver Dollar Euc Mixed Greens Fresh Garland

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Tree Fern, Italian Ruscus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Mixed Greens Fresh Garland - Requires 7 Days Advance Purchase

Greenery Garlands are incredibly popular with brides and event planners today.  They are incredibly versatile, create lush floral displays easily and economically, and look great out of water for several days allowing you to begin setting up your wedding venue or party space early, or to reuse for rehearsal dinners or after wedding brunches. Garlands can be used as centerpieces running down the length of a table, or to decorate the backs of chairs, the head table or dessert tables.  They also make gorgeous and easy ceremony decorations by running them down aisles or draped along pews or aisle chairs.  And finally, they make decorating ceremony arches, chuppahs, hoops or other ceremony decor a breeze by simply attaching them as you wish with zip ties.  It doesn't get any easier than that for designing and creating your own lush event.  Place candles and flowers within the garlands for an even grander feel.

Mixing great textures and colors, our Tree Fern, Italian Ruscus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Mixed Greens Fresh Garlands are hand made on our eco-friendly farms and shipped overnight to you.  Using light and feathery green Tree Ferns for the base, deep green Italian Ruscus and Blue Silver Dollar Eucalyptus greens are then woven in to create a fuller, uniquely textured garland.  They are ready to use right out of the box and are 100% guaranteed to be the freshest, highest quality garlands available.  Because they are a natural product, there may be variations in leaf colors and sizes, but they will be approximately 4-6 inches in diameter. Our garlands are designed to be one sided for easier use - they lay better on table tops.  The top side will be made lush and full, the bottom will display the wires/mechanics used to create the garland.  If you need the garland to be full all the way around, order 2 of the same size and connect with wire or zip ties. Because all of our fresh garlands are hand made, we can customize your garlands to your exact specifications.  If you wish to add additional types of greenery to your Tree Fern, Italian Ruscus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Mixed Greens Garland, please contact us and we can have our farms create ones just for you.

When selecting a length, please choose the ones that most closely match the size you need.  Cutting Garlands down is NOT RECOMMENDED.  Garlands are made by wiring individual greenery pieces together; cutting through these wires may reduce the structural integrity of your garland and result in segments falling off, or weakening your overall garland.  If you do not see the size you are looking for, please contact us at (207) 618-7618 and we can special order custom sizes for you.  Garlands over 25 feet will be shipped as 25 foot sections that can be connected together with zip ties, string or wires, depending upon where the garlands will be positioned.  Give our professional event planners a call and we can walk you through the best way to use your garlands, or create any wedding arrangement you need.

We recommend you receive your garlands 2 days before your event date. When you receive your garlands, immediately open their boxes and ensure they have arrived safely.  They do not need to be refrigerated.  Simply store in the shipping boxes in a cool location, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources or drafts.  For best results, when placing the garlands upon tables or ceremony spaces, lightly mist the garlands with fresh water.