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Assorted Anthurium - Wholesale

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Assorted Anthurium - Require 7 Days Advance Notice

Anthurium is a fairly hardy and long lasting flower.  Blooms easily last from 15-30 days as long as they are not placed in direct sunlight and kept away from cool drafts.  While tropical, anthurium flowers are available worldwide all year long and make great additions to traditional and modern floral arrangements.  Their bold leaf-life like blooms add an unexpected pop of color and unique texture sure to brighten up your bouquets.

Our Wholesale Anthurium is shipped directly from the farm to your doorstep.  It will need to be hydrated upon arrival, but is ready to go from box to bouquet.  While anthurium is very easy to care for, they do like an occasional misting of fresh water.

These Flowers Require 7 Days Advance Notice! Free Shipping is included in the price, with a 100% guarantee of quality. As these are farm direct from South America, you must have someone there to sign for your package when it arrives!

Flowers Care Instructions:

  • Open box and cut strapping to remove flowers.
  • 1 bloom per stem 
  • Cut approx 1" off the bottom of the stem.
  • Place flowers in water with plant food immediately.
  • Change water and re-cut flowers regularly.
  • Occasional misting with fresh water is recommended
  • Place flowers out of direct sunlight and away from cool drafts.
  • Suggested Delivery Date: 2 Days Before Event