Flax Leaves

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Tropical Greens offer unique shapes, sizes and textures to flower arrangements.  Incorporating tropical flowers and greens is becoming increasingly popular and trendy in flower design.   Transform traditional arrangements into unique, eye-catching and unforgettable designs by adding a few tropical flowers and greens. Tropical Greens are incredibly versatile and can work in garden, traditional and modern floral bouquets.   Tropical Greens are extremely easy flowers to work with and have an average vase life of 8 days, if cared for properly.

Flax Leaves

Available year round, our Wholesale Flax Leaves are cut and shipped straight from the farm - and we 100% guarantee their quality and freshness.  Once you receive your Flax Leaves, cut about 1/2 - 1 inch off the bottom and place in fresh, cool water.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE your Flax Leaves or any Tropical Flower.  Ideally, Tropical Greens including Flax Leaves, should be stored indoors at temperatures between 55°F to 75°F.  Generally, Tropical Greens, including Flax Leaves, tolerate shipping quite well, however, it is perfectly normal for Tropical Greens to look thirsty or "tired" upon arrival.  They will perk up once they receive a "fresh cut" to their stems and have time to drink up fresh water.   We recommend you receive your Flax Leaves 2-3 days before your event.

Flax Leaves are perfect for creating distinctive woven designs into arrangements.  Their long, relatively narrow leaves are sturdy and hold up well to bending, folding and weaving around the base of bouquets or within centerpieces - adding a definite artistic element to your floral design! 

Wholesale Flax Leaves Require 7 Days Advance Notice!  Free shipping is included in the price with a 100% guarantee of quality.  As these are farm direct from South America, you must have someone there to sign for your package when it arrives!

Flax Leaves Care instructions:

  • Open box and cut strapping to leaves
  • Flax Leaves are shipped in grower's bunches, each bunch containing 8-10 stems per bunch.
  • Cut approximately 1 inch off the bottom of the stem.  Place greens in fresh, cool water out of direct sunlight, away from drafts and excessive heat.  
  • Suggested Deliver Date 2- 3 Days Before Use Date