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Wedding Flowers in a Box

Wedding Flowers in a Box

Want beautiful, professionally created wedding flowers at an affordable price?  Wedding Flowers in a Box is perfect for you!!  Our professionally designed and arranged bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres are just like having a professional florist deliver your wedding flowers directly to your event, but at wholesale prices.  Your arrangements are custom made for you and will arrive at your destination ready to use.  And with our Centerpiece Only selection, Wedding Flowers in a Box is the perfect choice for any celebration.  Our wedding centerpiece collections come arranged and ready to go right out of the box - simply cut the stems and put them in a vase.


green-rose-hydrangea-bridal-collection.jpg pink-rose-bridal-collection.jpg white-rose-lisianthus-bridal-collection.jpg red-rose-lisianthus-bridal-collections.jpg

Green Rose & Hydrangea Bridal Collections

Pink Rose Bridal Collections

White Rose & Lisianthus Bridal Collections

Red Rose & Lisianthus Bridal Collections

yellow-calla-lilly-bridal-collection.jpg hot-pink-rose-gerber-daisy-bridal-collections.jpg red-rose-gerber-daisy-bridal-collection.jpg  

Yellow Calla Lilly Bridal Collections

Hot Pink Rose & Gerber Daisy Bridal Collections

Red Rose & Gerber Daisy Bridal Collections

Wedding Flowers in a Box

  • Wedding In A Box Collection

    Do you want the elegance and convenience of florist arranged and delivered flowers without the florist cost? Our "Wedding In A Box" bridal bouquet package is perfect for you! View Detail Listing of Product Information (PDF)Our bridal bouquet package...

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