10 Piece Bridal Collection

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This beautiful yellow calla lilly bridal flower collection includes 10 pieces. We recommend that this bridal flower collection be delivered 2-3 days before your wedding date. Bridal Flower Collections must be ordered at minimum of 8 days prior to date of delivery.

Rhinestones are not included with the bridal bouquets.

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The Yellow Calla Lilly Bridal Flower Collection Includes:

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 2 Brides Maids Bouquets
  • 4 Boutonnieres
  • 2 Corsages
  • 1 Box of Petals
  • 1 Clippers
  • 10 Flower Food Packets
  • 1 Care Instructions
  • 1 White Wedding Shipper Box

The Hot Yellow Calla Lilly Bridal Flower Collection Detailed Package Contents:

Bridal Bouquet

  • 4 Yellow Mini Calla Lilly
  • 6 Yellow Crespidia
  • 12 Yellow Roses
  • 4 Green Hypericum
  • 2 Seeded Eucalyptus
  • 4 Lily Grass Looped

Brides Maids Bouquet

  • 4 Yellow Mini Calla Lilly
  • 8 Yellow Crespidia
  • 4 Green Hypericum
  • 6 Yellow Spray Roses
  • 4 Plumosa

Groom Boutonierre (1 per package)

  • 1 Yellow Mini Calla Lilly
  • 1 White Waxflower
  • 1 Lily Grass


  • 1 Yellow Mini Calla Lilly
  • Seeded Eucalyptus
  • 1 Plumosa


  • 1 Yellow Spray Rose
  • 1 Green Hypericum
  • 1 White Waxflower
  • 1 Plumosa

Box of Petals





Remove flowers from box immediately. While keeping the heads wrapped, cut 1 inch off the stems and put each bunch in water. Leave wrapped bunches in water for an hour before unwrapping heads to arrange into vases. Remove outer protective petals from roses and any greens from the part of the stems that will be in water. Greens can contaminate the water which could contaminate your flowers. If heads droop submerge entire flower in water for one hour to re-hydrate. Re-cut stems and change water on the third day you've had your flowers. For best results, display your roses away from direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold.