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Calla Lilies (large), Calla Lilies (mini), Gerbera Daisies, Lily Grass Combo Box

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This Combo Box contains a total of 135 stems. The Calla Lilies (large) are available in White only. Calla Lilies (mini) are available in burgundy, cream with dark purple center (black eyed beauty), light pink, hot pink, orange, yellow, white, and cream & purple (picasso). Gerber Daisies are available in Red, White, Yellow, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, and Burgundy.

Our Wedding Combo Boxes are designed for the brides that only need a few bunches of specific flowers for their wedding, and not a whole box. These boxes are packed with the same care as our other wedding flowers.

Our flowers are shipped direct from the farm, making them extremely fresh! These Flowers Require 7 Days Advance Notice! Free Shipping is included in the price, with a 100% guarantee of quality. As these are farm direct from South America, you must have someone there to sign for your package when it arrives!

  • 20 Stems of Calla Lilies (large)
  • 10 Stems of Gerber Daisies
  • 5 Stems of Calla Lilies (mini) 
  • 100 Stems of Lily Gras