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Wedding In A Box Collection

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Do you want the elegance and convenience of florist arranged and delivered flowers without the florist cost? Our "Wedding In A Box" bridal bouquet package is perfect for you! View Detail Listing of Product Information (PDF)Our bridal bouquet package contains 6 beautiful florist designed bouquets, 6 boutonnieres, 4 corsages and a box of rose petals that will outfit your entire bridal party. All arranged and delivered, ready to go, at your door two days before your wedding. All you need to do is open the box, follow the easy care instructions and enjoy your big day. It is that easy! Arrangement come as shown - no customization available. Roses in bouquets come in white as standard, but color may be changed to yellow, red, pink or orange.

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 4 Brides Maids Bouquets
  • 1 Toss Bouquet
  • 1 Box of Rose Petals
  • 3 Boutonniéres
  • 3 Boutonniéres with Filler
  • 4 Corsages
  • Clippers, Flower Food Packets and Care Instructions Included.
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